20 de janeiro de 2008

The Roots - Do This Well (Rarities & Remixes)


01. Proceed II (feat. Roy Ayers)
02. Worldwide (London Groove)
03. Silent Treatment (Black Thoughts 87 You And Yours Mix)
04. You Got Me (Me Tienes Remix)
05. It’s All About You (Not About Me)
06. Distortion To Static (At Ease Mix)
07. Take It There (Remix) {Nonchalant}
08. Rafiki (Album Mix) {Zap Mama}
09. Silent Treatment (Da Beatminerz Mix)
10. Listen To This {Walking Large}
11. What You Want (Feat. Jaguar)
12. Proceed III (Feat. Bahamadia)
13. The Good, The Bad & The esolate
14. Distortion To Static (Freestyle Mix) Bonus 2002 Track
15. Break You Off (Original Version Feat. D’Angelo)
16. It’s Comin’
17. Distortion To Static (Ques Jim Mix)
18. Proceed (Live At The Supper Club)
19. New Year’s At Jay Dee’s
20. What They Do (Live On Jenny McCarty)
21. Silent Treatment (Street Mix)
22. Da Jawn (Bahamadia)
23. Distortion To Static(Black Thought Mix)
24. Burnin’ & Lootin’ {Bob Marley}
25. Proceed II (Butcher Mix)
26. Still Out There
27. You Got Me (Live On David Letterman)
28. Sprite Commercial
29. Proceed IV (AJ Shine’s W/O A Pause Mix)
30. The Lesson Part 2 (Instrumental)
31. The Show
32. Rafiki (Hard Mix) {Zap Mama}
33. The ‘Notic (Feat. D’Angelo)
34. Distortion To Static (At Ease Microphone Check Mix)
35. Silent Treatment (Kelo’s Mix)
36. Proceed II (Live On John Stewart)
37. Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa
38. Listen To This (The Roots Remix)
39. Adrenaline (Live At Woodstock ’99)
40. Distortion To Static (Bob Powe Bass Mix)
41. Silent Treatment (Questions Mix)
42. Y’all Know Who
43. Proceed V (Da Beatminerz Remix)
44. You Got Me (Original Version Feat.Jill Scott)
45. The Last Track

Então liga o toca-disco e boa viagem: The Roots - Do This Well (Rarities & Remixes)

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