30 de novembro de 2007

Hi-Tek : Hi Teknology3

Demorou mais saiu.


  1. "Tek Intro"
  2. "Life To Me" (feat Estelle)
  3. "Interlude" (feat Lil Skeeter)
  4. "My Piano" (feat Raekwon, Dion &Ghostface Killah)
  5. "God's Plan" (feat Young Buck, Outlawz)
  6. "Ohio All Stars" (feat. Cross, Showtime, Mann, Chip The Rippa)
  7. "Back On The Grind" (featuring Riz,Kurupt & Dion)
  8. "I'm Back" (feat. Cassidy & Rem Dog)
  9. "Kill You" (featuring Push Montana)
  10. "Handling My Bizness" (featuring Lep, Count (from Low End Professional), Big D &M-1
  11. "Come Get It (Tekrumentals)" (feat T Pain)
  12. "Step It Up (Remix)" (feat Little Brother & Dion)
  13. "Know Me" (featJonell, Snoop Dogg and Gorilla Zoe)
  14. "Time" (feat Talib Kweli & Dion)
  15. "Outro"
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